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Full Circle - Featured "Celtic-Rock" Band


Neil Anderson -bagpipes of various shapes and sizes, tinwhistles, vocals, mandolin An extremely innovative and respected multi-instrumentalist, Neil has performed with Paddy Keenan, The Battlefield Band, and many others. Neil Anderson was the Piper with 7 Nations at our Games in 1998!

Whether on-stage at a festival in front of 10,000 people, or in the most intimate coffee house setting where the audience is a foot away, Neil's passion and sincerity shine through and promise an exciting, compelling and unpredictable celebration of music and life. Neil's uncanny ability to make his audience an integral part of the show is the mark of a true entertainer who cares about his music and the people who come to hear it. As Neil puts it, "One of the things I love most about what I do is that we don't have fans at our shows- we have friends."

Jimmy Kelly, Jr. -vocals, guitars, and sometimes drums and bass A veteran of the Nashville scene, Jimmy has performed with some of the top celtic musicians and groups in the world, including Eileen Ivers and Riverdance.

Denis Kelly -vocals, drums, and percussion, and occassionally acoustic guitar Jimmy's older kid brother, Denis is a veteran of the New York Irish scene. An accomplished drummer, vocalist and step dancer, Denis has been a professional entertainer for most of his life.

J'Kael -bass guitar, electric guitar, vocals A professional session musician and engineer, J'Kael founded and fronted one of the most popular and longest running funk bands in the northeast, Burlington, Vermont-based Jusagroove.

The McIlroys

Scottish born John, Patti & Katie McIlroy are internationally known entertainers who annually travel extensively to Scottish & Celtic events. Patti's heavenly voice teamed with John's many instrumental achievements and his quick wit make every performance delightful and unique. Daughter Katie joined the group in 1997 and is accomplished playing “the Pipes” and the flute in a Heavenly manner!

For the foreseeable future The McIlroys are restricting bookings to Florida, South Georgia and Alabama. And...they will be in Tallahassee on July 1 to do a Fund Raiser for the Games. Check back for the details!

The Wyndbreakers

Coming to us from the Orlando area, this super group has thrilled audiences all over Florida since 1986 and spent many years at Finnegan's Pub in Universal Studios. Providing a terrific array of Scottish and Irish music from traditional ballads to lively jugs and reels-interspersed with humor. You'll hear guitars, fiddles, flutes, recorders, mandolin, percussion and great vocal harmony! Last year, they made our Sponsors' Reception! Much of their music is dancing music.

The Beauvoir Society
This talented group mixes into the crowd in Pirate dress and breaks out in song &/or sword fights at the most unlikely times and places! They encourage everyone to join in their fun and songs, adding to the unforgettable quality of the day! You will love their spirit, costumes and find yourself following them around to participate in their next adventure!!!

Local Entertainment

Tallahassee is rich with local Celtic musical & instrumental talent, which we will endeavor to display on our main-stage during the day and at the Celidh for your enjoyment.

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