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Milner's World

Each Web Site is an individual, unique creation

For that reason, we're not listing a dozen different prices. We want you to call or E-Mail us with your requirements. Your price will be figured on the AMOUNT OF TIME it takes to create your page or site.

Our hourly rate is $30.00.

What this means to you is that if you want 25 hyperlinks on your page(s) and it takes us an hour to place them, the charge is $30.00. If you want your site to be full of graphics, you will be charged $30/hr. for the time it takes us to place or scan and place the graphics. You will not be charged on a per-link or per-graphic basis and that means you SAVE money.

Whether you want your site placed on a pay-for-space host site or a free host site, we can handle that for you. (One caution: some of the search engines DO NOT WANT TO list sites hosted on free sites.) We will also handle the announcements to the major search engines and link pages that are appropriate for the type of page we create for you, whether personal or commercial.

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