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...but this page tells you a little about us and some of the things we are interested in, including: links to information on CELTIC/SCOTTISH FESTIVALS & HIGHLAND GAMES view now, search engines, computer related resources, our HOLIDAY PAGES, horse-related sites, and information on HTML.

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Or you can stay around for a while, find out a little about us, check on some interesting links - and "surf" a little later.

Creating home/web pages and desktop publishing is something we can do from our home nestled among the towering pines and majestic oaks of North Florida, where we can look out of the office window and see our two Quarter Horses grazing in the lush green pasture.

Small gif of horses running.

If you are interested in horses, I have found some neat and interesting sites:

Horse Previews Magazine A General Horse Lover's Site - with links to many other horse lovers' sites.
The American Quarter Horse Heritage Center
The American Quarter Horse Association
The Appaloosa Museum
Appaloosa Horse Club General Information and Services
Tennessee Walking Horse History
TWH Breeders & Exhibitor's Association
HORSES at Nerd World has many great links to horsey sites
There are still more great links to be found at Horse Web.
Veterinary Resources on the Web A great equine medicine site.
You can find Bed & Breakfasts with horse accommodations

Happy surfing!

Having a Home Business has allowed me to keep my son from becoming a "latch-key" child.

Among other things we are interested in is the Scotch - Irish side of our heritage. Two years ago our family attended the Celtic Festival and Highland Games that was held in Monticello, Florida on October 12. This year the Festival is being held in Tallahassee, Florida. Please visit the Tallahassee Scottish Highland Games & Celtic Festival Pages to see this year's events and request further information. We discovered that having MacDonald and Campbell blood (I'm the MacDonald line, my husband is the Campbell line) is tantamount to being a Hatfield/McCoy mix! For a calendar of Scottish Festivals and Highland Games visit here.

I have had a keen interest in computers since I was first introduced to them in the late 70s. By-the-way, in my short "net-surfing career," I came across THE place to get updated drivers from Microsoft.
I also found THE place for a good one-stop source for lots of neat computer and internet-related information COMPUTER RELATED LISTS.
For a very well thought out and laid out page with a lot of internet-related information and great links click here Robin's Road to Web Page Builder Resources.

Remember, if you want an exciting and effective HomePage but don't want to take the time to learn HTML, let us create your Home/Web Page for you. We would also like to provide the electronic typesetting and graphic design for your printed materials.

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